Chatbot Accelerator Squad 24 Hours Deal

$2,177.00 $99.00

  • Good Collection for Digital Agency
  • Available on Manychat & Chatfuel Platform
  • Includes Sequences & Advance Segmentation
  • Hundreds of Guides to Drive More Value to Your Business
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Dedicated User Dashboard to Access Bots & Other Material

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Available on manychat & chatfuel bot building platform

What it includes

(Ready to Launch 30+ Chabots Templates) + (30+ Methods of Client Acquisition ) + ( Hundreads of Facebook Ads Copy) + ( Email funnel Templates, Tools, Tricks)  = Chabot Accelerator Squad



1.) Real Estate Lead Generation Chatbot

2.) Lead Generation & Appointment Booking Chatbot for Fitness Coaches

3.) Auto Blog Updates & Subscription Chatbot for Bloggers & Affiliates

4.) Appointment Booking Chatbot for Hair Salons

5.) Appointment Booking Chatbot for Nail Paint Salon

6.) Basic Food Order Menu Chatbot for Restaurant

7.) Table Booking Chatbots for Restaurants

8.) Lead Generation Chatbot for Maintenance Service Providers

9.) Lead Generation & Customer Care Chatbot for Maintenance Service

10.) Order Birthday Cake Chatbots for Bakeries

11.) Beta User Sign up Chatbot Template for Prelaunch Activity

12.) Lead Generation Chatbot for Digital Services Provider

13.) Lead Generation Bot with Email Automation

14.) Chatbot for Online Training & webinar

15.) Appointment Booking Chatbot for Dentist

16.) Webinar Chatbot for Business Coaches

17.) Test Drive Automotive Dealer Chatbot

18.) Chatbot for one day event

19.) Car Dealership Chatbot

20.) ECommerce Messenger Bot for Footwears

21.) Basic E-commerce Messenger Bot with Upsell Cross-Sell

22.) Universal Lead Generation Chatbot Template for any business

23.) Advanced Table Booking Chatbot for Cafe

24.) Instant Quote Maker Chatbot for Businesses

25. ) GDPR Compliance Chatbot

26.) Lead Generation Chatbot for Schools Selling Courses

27.) Chatbot for Flowers Shop

28.) Lead Generation Chatbot for Sports Club

29.) Chatbot for Halloween Shop

30.) Chatbot for Cleaning Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How much time it'll take to deliver the chatbots?

If you have applied for Chatbot Accelerator Squad, you’ll get 30 chatbots on manychat platform instantly and for chatfuel bot building platform you’ll get the link within 48 hours.

What are the swipe files actually?

Swipe files are basically those files which we have used for our business and for our client’s business. These swipe files will help you to learn the exact results driven manner. These files includes, facebook ads creatives, ad copy, email sequences, client acquisition sequences, and lot’s more and yes all are included to take you from BOTs to Business.

Is there any recurring charges?

Never, Yes you read it right. Whatever the accelerator squad you have applied for, you don’t have to pay again and again. Just buy once and you are ready to go with lifetime access of the squad. 

More than that if you apply for any other squad or wants to upgrade your squad in that case you’ll have to pay for another accelerator squad.

Can we resell these chatbots?

Why not? All the chatbots available in the Chatbot accelerator club, can be used to resell or you can use for your business. 

You can white label the same and instantly launch your own chatbot and we are here to give you lifetime updates on bot.

Is it required to have a technical knowledge?

Nope, practically you don’t need to be pro in technical knowledge. People who have even 0 knowledge about digital technology even they can apply for these accelerator squad and learn with us. 

Our squad has been designed in a manner, with which you’ll be able to lean smoothly.

What If we need any kind of customization or new bot?

No problem, If you have joined any of our accelerator squad we’ll help you to develop your own customized chatbot. If you want us to develop the same for you, we’ll quote you best with lifetime support. 

you can also outsource your client’s project to us drop us a message at we are ready to help you out.